How To Select Wedding Accessories For Your Bridesmaids

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Your wedding party offers you the support and company you need on your big day. If you don’t like attention, they are the perfect distraction. And for that reason, they need to look amazing on your wedding day. Hopefully, you have a team of ladies who are easy to work with. The last thing you need is something (read someone) else to worry about as you plan for your wedding. Yet, you also want them to look great and be in their element. Find out how to bring out the best in them while still meeting your goals.


Ever heard of the word “bridezilla”? You can easily become one if you overthink your wedding details and make unrealistic demands. Or end up ordering everyone around, oops! But then where do you find the balance. Try this trick:

A lot of brides and grooms debate if they should give their bridal party freedom to make style choices.

Some think it’s best to dictate every aspect of their look. Others choose not to be so strict with their fashion rules…

But, depending on how they like to dress and what type of jewelry they prefer, that could go wrong for a few reasons.

Your junior bridesmaid could show up wearing a casual layered necklace. Your MOH might try to steal the show in a glitzy Swarovski crystal statement necklace. Your best friend from college might decide to rock a gold choker while everyone else opts for a simple bar necklace.

If you don’t lay down some rules early on, you could end up with a big old mess of white gold, rose gold, and sterling silver in all different looks and styles.

And this is what makes jewelry gifts perfect. It’ll send the message of “Thanks for being a part of my wedding” rather than “I don’t trust your taste in jewelry.” Read more at Bella Bridesmaids

Gifting your bridesmaids with jewelry is a win-win whichever way you look at it.


If you choose to include hair accessories as part of your gift to your bridesmaids, you may want to buy them depending on their hair length.

Short hair doesn’t care, so there are no limitations to hair accessories options. Pins, hair Combs and headbands are some appropriate wedding hair accessories for short hair. For casual weddings, our colorful yet complementary headband is perfect for suits and knee-length dresses. If you’re going Bohemian, wispy bejeweled pins are just perfect for outdoor weddings. For the classic bride, opt for encrusted combs on mermaid dresses for the perfect look…

Long hair is very versatile and easy to work with. Hence, the weather, dress, and wedding styles are important for choosing wedding hairstyles for long hair that complement accessories. A headpiece is perfect for hair down on a strapless dress in the summer. For the minimalist and classic bride, opt for simple hair combs on chignon or half updo hairstyles. Accessories for long hair like the bridal hair vine pushes elegance, giving a feminine look on a full ball gown. Read more at Wedding Forward

With hair accessories, your girls get to have more freedom and a unique design for each one.


It may be difficult to choose jewelry gifts for your girls since they have different personalities. But there are some considerations you shouldn’t miss out on.

“If you never wear earrings, let’s not use your wedding day as the first time you bring out a statement earring,” explains Hartman.

Instead, take note of the pieces you feel most comfortable in and turn those up a notch. Never leave home without a stud? Find a more formal version with multiple stones. Love a good arm candy stack? Layer two glitzier bracelets of the same style. Another approach: think back on outfits you’ve worn and loved for other formal occasions—such as other people’s weddings—and pick jewelry pieces in a similar vein. Read more at Brides

If one or two of your girls don’t wear earrings at all, the same rule applies. Let them be, but find something else that’ll enhance their looks.

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