Three Advantages of An Indoor Wedding Venue

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Wedding venues can be classified into two, outdoor and indoor. Indoor wedding venues are a must-have for you if you want an exclusive enclosed and intimate space. They are also perfect if you need a place that has multiple facilities under one roof. Moreover, an indoor venue will not be subject to the elements, so you get to do your décor just the way you want it.

For starters, the Ideal indoor venues include hotels, historical sites or mansions, houses of worship, stand-alone halls, and barns, among others. These spaces are fantastic since you can easily build up a theme with them. For example, you could have a country wedding at a barn or a classic-themed wedding at a historical site. So, here are some reasons why you should definitely use an indoor wedding venue:


It is extremely hard to do an outdoor wedding while it’s snowing, or when it’s raining, and even on extremely hot days. Indoor spaces facilitate weddings all year round spiced up with indoor climate control tools. But that does not mean that your ideal theme can’t succeed. With a great designer, you can pull off a summer wedding in the middle of winter in your indoor venue.

Not much definition needed on this one. Indoor weddings protect you from any inclement weather that might roll in. But if you are a nature lover, we suggest that you book a wedding venue such as Bavaria Downs because we designed our ballroom to bring the outdoors in. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide you and your guests with incredible views of our expansive property. You definitely have the best of both worlds. Read more from Bavaria Downs…

So whether it’s summer or winter, nothing can stop your plans for an amazing wedding. So, you can still do your wedding just the way you want it.


Since many indoor venues are long-standing facilities they tend to have many events in mind when being constructed. This means you will find a kitchen, washrooms and for hotels, you have rooms where your guests can spend the night.

This will save you the hustle of trying to get multiple service providers to cover your wedding.

Indoor wedding venues have packages that include necessities such as tables and chairs, lighting, a dance floor, restrooms, and adequate space for wedding vendors. While it may not allow for as much creative freedom, an all-inclusive indoor wedding venue will likely save you time and money by using the structural features and vendors readily available. Read more from Epic Thyme…


With an outdoor venue with a lot of space, it may mean your guests can easily group themselves in various corners. But an indoor venue naturally controls the use of space. This creates some warmth and intimacy that would have been lost.

Although some might find that an indoor venue might reduce their guest list, indoor weddings allow for a more intimate gathering with family and close friends. You’ll be able to mingle and spend more time with your guests than you would at an outdoor wedding, and the guests themselves are more likely to feel like one big group as opposed to several, smaller huddles. By not being exposed to the elements in the same way an outdoor wedding is, indoor weddings are in season all year round (although Winter is usually the way to go if you want that cosy and warm feel!) Read more from Sarah Young Events…

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