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It’s true, the groom’s attire isn’t usually given half of the attention that goes to the bride’s outfit. But that doesn’t have to remain that way. Every item in the groom’s outfit is important. This includes the suit, shirt, shoes, and all other accessories that complement the look. In this post, we look at the shirt, because not any shirt can be worn with any suit. There are some details to consider. They include the collar, cuffs, and front placket.

The Collar

If you are a person who isn’t given to detail and have had a conversation about collars, then this will help you. Picking out a shirt for your wedding will need you to understand the various components of a collar. Here they are:

  • Collar Points are the tips of the collar.

  • Collar Point Length is the distance from the collar point to the seam of the collar band.

  • A collar Band is the piece of fabric or fold that wraps around the neck.

  • Collar Height is the height of a folded collar as it fits on the neck.

  • Collar Tie Space is the distance between the top of the folded collar parts where the shirt is buttoned.

  • Collar Spread is the angle between each of the Collar Points. Read more at Bewakoof

So then, the various types of collars depend on variances within these components. For a formal wedding, you may need a wing collar.


The word “cuff” should make you think of the wrists. Different cuff types are available but not all of them are suitable for a formal event. What’s more, depending on the type of cuff, it can be visible or not. Here are some common cuff types:

The Barrel Cuff

The barrel cuff is the most common type of cuff seen on shirts.

The corners of the cuff can be square (sporting a right angle), angled (or mitered: corners of the cuff are sewn at a 45-degree angle) or rounded (the top corners are rounded off). The cuff is fastened by the use of either one or two buttons (one button barrel cuff or two buttons barrel cuff)…

The French Cuff

The French cuff a.k.a. double cuff doubles the length of the barrel buff, allowing the excess fabric to be folded back over itself and secured with either a cufflink or silk knot.

The French cuff is the most formal cuff design that are perfect for the dressed-up black tie events where typically tuxedoes are worn. Read more Ethan Men

You can choose a shirt with a convertible cuff, and use either a button or a cufflink to fasten the cuff.


No, this is not a mysterious part of the shirt. It’s simply the part that holds the buttons. There are various styles for the placket as the following post describes.


On a basic dress shirt, the buttons that close the shirt are visible. It’s the most traditional, no-fuss look that can work in both professional and social settings.


A more formal design completely hides the buttons of a shirt. This clean, polished, and modern semblance looks great for a wedding and pairs sublimely with a bowtie.


A more formal design that features a special piqué fabric sewn on the front. The pleated patterning is very high-society and a perfect fit for grooms and groomsmen to wear with classic tuxedos. Read more at Brides

Whatever your choice of shirt, you need to also consider the kind of suit you’re getting for your big day. But if you don’t know how to choose your suit either, don’t worry, there’s help available for you.

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